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Urban Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica Jurgensen is a brand you should be familiar with if you are Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica interested in haute horlogerie. These watches have a fascinating mechanical content, despite having a great respect for traditional watchmaking. Urban Jurgensen has Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica relaunched their concept with a touch of modernity and introduced their Jules collection. First, a brief introduction to the brand's rich history is necessary.The foundations of modern horology were laid in the 18th century. Chronology (the Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica pursuit of precision) was a major scientific endeavor that became a key focus for royal courts and academies. Mudge, Graham and Harrison in England, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Arnold, Pouzait, Houriet, Berthoud, Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emer, Emery, Emery, Emery, Emery, or Arnold in Switzerland; Jaquet–Droz, Pouzait or Houriet in Switzerland. Breguet, Lepine or Moinet in France - and many others. This period Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica was a busy one for precision timekeeping experts.

Jurgen Patek Aquanaut Replica Watches Jurgensen was a Copenhangen resident at the time. He Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica established a horological family that would have a lasting impact on Swiss and Danish watchmaking over many decades. Jurgen Jurgensen studied the trade with Johan Jacob, Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica Ephraim Lincke and then travelled to France and Germany to sharpen his skills. He was a friend for life with Houriet, a Le Locle watchmaker. He returned to Copenhagen and began his own business with Isaac Larpent. He was also appointed watchmaker for the Danish court. Urban Jurgensen, his son, followed in his footsteps. Urban was sent to the Far East to learn about the Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica latest developments in horology. He was a collaborator with Houriet Breguet and Arnold, and helped to propel the Jurgensen name up to new heights. Urban Jurgensen was married to one of the Houriet daughters and brought many Swiss craftsmen to Copenhagen. King Frederick VI gave him Royal Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica Appointment to supply watches and chronometers to the Danish court.Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica

Jules-Frederik replica watches, Louis Urban and Jules-Frederik were his two sons. Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica They continued the family's horological tradition. Louis remained in Copenhagen while Jules set up in Le Locle. This gave the family a base to Switzerland. Members of the Jurgensen families continued to work in the business until the passing of Jacques Alfred Jurgensen, who died in 1912. The family Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica then changed hands several more times. Fast forward to 1979 and Peter Baumberger, a passionate watchmaker, was allowed to sign Urban Jurgensen & Sonner watches (UJ&S). The company was later purchased by Peter Baumberger in 1985. He resurrected the Swiss-Danish Maison's great horological tradition with Derek Pratt. They presented watches that were Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica distinguished for their simplicity and elegance. Jean-Francois Mojon (Chronode), who collaborated in the development of the first wristwatch with a detent escapement, was awarded the Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Geneve 2014 Men Watch of the Year. Pratt and Baumberger died in 2009 and 2010. The company was taken over by Dr. Helmut Crott who was a friend and long-time Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica acquaintance of Baumberger. He is also the founder of the auction house.Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica

Soren J. Patek Philippe Replica Petersen was a Danish watch collector who learned more Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica about UJ&S when he purchased one of their watches in the 1990s. The opportunity to purchase the company came along a few years later. With the support of a group investors, he assumed control of the brand in 2014. In 2014, UJ&S was returned to Danish ownership. Soren J. Petersen was named Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica CEO. He plans to continue the brand's long-standing legacy and the foundation that Peter Baumberger, Derek Pratt, and Helmut Crott have laid: skilled craftsmanship and a commitment to no compromise.The Jules collection was named in honor of Jules Jurgensen's grandfather, who is also the brand's Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica founder. It adds modernity to UJ&S while still keeping true to the brand’s unique style. Baselworld 2016 saw the introduction of two models: the reference 2340 in whitegold with moon phases, power reserve, date indication and the reference 2240 in pinkgold showing hours, minutes and seconds.Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica

Patek Aquanaut Ladies Replica